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My son is 3 years old and he has a rare, genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. He was diagnosed in April 2017 and, since then, I have been part of a very special community of people.

In the UAE, they are called people of determination; in other countries, the terms "special needs" or "differently abled" may be used for example.


I have been taking photographs at public events which we attend, to help raise awareness and then I have shared them with the organisers and people who were also present.



I will also be doing a photo project shortly, to highlight the children of determination and their siblings.


People of Determination

Rescued Animals


When I lived in Fujairah I rescued and rehomed lots of cats and kittens.  I used to take photographs of them, to assist with their adoption.

I would photograph rescued animals who lived at my friend's veterinary clinic in order to help them find new homes more easily.

Some of those photos are on the "feline friends" page.



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